How to win at slot machines in online casinos

How to win at slot machines in online casinos

Most gamblers play slots not only to enjoy the gameplay in the online casino but also to get profit, but don’t know how to win at slot machines. At the same time, many not only hope for luck but also try to find their strategy for playing online slots, which will bring a steady income.

Strategies how to win at slot machines

Even though the mathematical expectation is impossible to defeat, many players try to apply various tactics. The main thing that is necessary to understand when varying rates is that there is a chance not only to end the game with a profit but also with a loss.

The most widely used slot machine strategies that shows how to win at the casino slot machines are:

  • Martingale – raising bets on losing;
  • Stop-loss limit – the end of the game when players lose a certain amount of funds;
  • Stop wines limit – the end of the game when players win a certain amount of funds;
  • Change the game slot after a certain number of spins.

The Martingale system is considered one of the most popular strategies how to win money at the casino slot machines, as it is extremely effective and allows the player to beat any online casino. The application of this scheme will not only return the previously spent money but also earn extra money.

If the players are lucky and a special combination falls out, then the bank may increase tenfold. To achieve maximum success, players need to find a slot with the following characteristics:

  • Efficiency 95%+;
  • minimum betting range from 1 to 100 units;
  • the presence of 3 bonus symbols;
  • ability to activate free spins, double game, bonus and super bonus round.

The game always uses one line. The starting bid is minimal, but later on, after each loss, it doubles 2 times. In case of victory, the game starts again with the minimum bet size.

Best paying and the most popular slots

Mega Joker and Jackpot 6000 take the first two places at the top of the slot machines in terms of payouts, offering payouts of 99% and 98.86%, respectively. Being an almost absolute champion in terms of payouts, Jackpot 6000 allows to win € 6,000 per spin. Often, online casinos impose restrictions on wagering bonuses in this video slot.

The second place belongs to the Blood Suckers slot machine with a 98% return. Wagering bonuses in it is usually not prohibited.

The third-largest payouts are occupied by video slots Kings of Chicago (97.8%), Devils Delight (97.6%) and SimSalabim (97.5%). According to statistics, these slot machines are one of the most generous and allow to win the maximum amount of money.

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