Ben Metz

Bigger Boat was conceived by Ben Metz, who has more than 20 years experience working across civil society and is a qualified organisational psychologist. Ben holds the overall structure and process within which different Bigger Boats operate. He also leads on the Bigger Boat for Open Government.

Alise Kirtley

Alise Kirtley leads the Bigger Boat for Ageing and Dementia. She is one of the UK’s leading lights in innovation in older person care. Alise recently left the role of Change Manager at Britain’s largest care home and now works on a variety of projects including technology for dementia development at City University London; and consults for organisations providing older adult and dementia care.

Anna McKeon

Based in Cambodia, Anna McKeon is the lead for a multi-agency project exploring the problems of volunteering in orphanages and advocating for ethical volunteering alternatives. Anna engaged Bigger Boat to work on this project and now also works as an associate on the Bigger Boat for Open Government.