Trafford Housing Trust (THT) is undertaking a “root and branch” examination of its approach to charging rent. This website brings together ideas submitted by a range of stakeholders with the intention of helping THT explore whether there is a radically different approach to how they tackle housing provision, poverty and injustice, or whether their current approach is the preferred option.

With this project THT has embarked on some deep thinking about whether their commitment to tackling poverty, inequality and injustice is or is not well served by the current paradigm of rent setting.  THT have a small number of leading thinkers to focus on this issue to help explore whether there is a radically different approach that they could take.

For example THT have been thinking about how a landlord might operate without charging the tenant any rent at all!  Would there perhaps be somebody out there who would be prepared to pay for the “value” that might create for society?  Might there be a “pay up front” or a “pay as you leave” option? Might rents be means tested? Could there ever be an “ethical” tied housing system where accommodation and labour were somehow linked? Is there a different ownership model that might deliver more strongly on THT’s mission?

Exploring this issue may involve a deep investigation of the motivations and ambitions of the organisation. Or it may take a more mechanistic approach. It might advocate for a radical change. Or it might champion business as usual or a strengthening of the existing cross subsidy model.

We invite you to review the submissions here, comment and in so doing contribute to this discussion.

Background on Trafford Housing Trust

THT Purpose:  We are a force for good, driven by social justice, inspiring people and neighbourhoods to be the best they can be.

THT Vision: We strive for a society transformed, free from poverty, inequality and injustice where:

  • People take responsibility
  • Have information to make choices
  • Are healthy and happy
  • Everyone makes a valuable contribution

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