A Bigger Boat for Ageing

Innovation and collaboration in the field of ageing across the UK

A Bigger Boat for Ageing and Dementia spent most of 2014 researching older person care and wellbeing in the UK. We started from the very general question of “How can we ensure that older adults feel at home and connected wherever they are, and have a sense of wellbeing and purpose?” and explored people, products, services, publications, and policies that are breaking through barriers to really improve the quality of older adult care.

To prepare this report, our team interviewed over 50 pioneers across the field of Ageing and Dementia care to discover the world through their eyes. The insights here reflect their understanding of the challenges they face, as well as the vision they hold for what is possible.

Our approach is to listen deeply, and turn the wisdom of those who are closest to a problem into new and never-considered ways to take collective action. This is not a report. It is a call to action from those leading the way in the sector who are ready to step into their true potential.

You can download the A Bigger Boat for Ageing and Dementia Final Report by clicking here.

Next steps for the project are to raise resources to support the community identified through this work to collaborate to design and implement a range of new interventions intended to work systemically across the field.

The wisdom for finding the solution is embedded in the system – we’re releasing it, not inventing it.

A video outlining the findings of A bigger Boat for Ageing and Dementia can be viewed below: